Why luongo should be traded

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Why luongo should be traded

Who Should Lead the Canucks?

Why luongo should be traded

Roberto Luongo or Cory Schneider? We will settle that dispute right now. The Hockey Fanatic thinks that Luongo should be the starting goalie for the Canucks. The goaler-coaster continues to roll in Vancouver as Luongo was named the starter for a third straight game against the Chicago Blackhawks on Friday.

Luongo was great again as the Canucks defeated Chicago in a shootout. So the question becomes has Roberto Luongo regained his position as the number one goalie for the Vancouver Canucks? If it were up to us, we would suggest yes.

Luongo has handled this situation as a true professional and has really played solid in every appearance he has made for the Canucks this season. We all know the history right? Luongo lost his starting job top Cory Schneider in last Springs playoffs as the heavily favored Canucks bowed out to the eight seed and eventual Stanley Cup Champions Los Angeles Kings.

The talk was then that Luongo would be traded and he probably would have been by now if it was not for the NHL lockout. Everyone was quick to write him off in favor of Cory Schneider.

The people of Vancouver have always been hard on Bobby Lou. Have the forgotten that it was Luongo who got the Canucks to the seventh game of the Stanley Cup finals in Where were they in the past three rounds of the playoffs for the Canucks.

It was Luongo not Schneider who was team captain and lead the team for the past few years. He was within a couple of goals of the Canucks winning their first ever Stanley Cup and continues to set a number of Canucks records for goaltenders.

Luongo is second all-time in games played for the Canucks behind Kirk McLeanHe is first in wins with and counting and is the team leader in shutouts with 34 and counting.

With an impending trade of Roberto Luongo in the near future, many are wondering why it’s taking so long or even what his trade value is. And the answer is: It’s because his value isn’t that much. Should the Vancouver Canucks trade Roberto Luongo? I know that some of you out there must be thinking that this is crazy and will never ever happen; but if you understand the reasoning, this. Jan 09,  · The team he was traded to (Acadie-Bathurst) were also less than impressed with Luongo, until he had a stellar playoff run. In Luongo literally stunk out Status: Resolved.

Cory Schneider has played a total of 72 NHL games… yet the Canucks feel that he is their starting goalie? Whoa not so fast there Canuckleheads.

While it is true that Schneider is the Canucks all-time leader in save percentage and goal against average the man he edges out is Luongo. Again we should point out that Cory Schneider has only played a total of 72 games and has virtually no pressure on him as of yet. Luongo is the one player with the Canucks that fans and media are quick to get on should he have a sub-par performance.

Roberto Luongo is a veteran, skilled goaltender. Any team in the league save maybe the Kings would be lucky to have him.

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While he has a no trade clause can you imagine what a team like the Edmonton Oilers could do if they had Luongo between the pipes? With all of their young skill, you would have to think that the Oilers would definitely have a great chance to win a Cup or two with a goaltender of that caliber.

We cannot see the Canucks trading Luongo to a division rival but you never know. Fact is we simply like Roberto Luongo better than Cory Schneider. We like his style of play, we like his professionalism, we like his flare.

Sure Schneider will get his time, but the time is not now.

Why luongo should be traded

You have to think that the Canucks time is quickly passing. Their best options is to retain Luongo and let him play and let him be the starter.

Should he falter then go to Schneider who appears to be more than capable of being a decent goaltender. Is there a goaltending controversy in Vancouver?

You be the judge. Is Roberto Luongo back as number one in Vancouver?Roberto Luongo has been involved in trade rumours for nearly two years and the saga finally ended when the Vancouver Canucks traded the goalie to the Florida Panthers on Tuesday. The Vancouver Canucks have finally traded goaltender Roberto Luongo, moving him to the Florida Panthers on Tuesday.

Vancouver traded Luongo and forward Steven Anthony to . Thornton then became a Shark, and Luongo was traded for I can’t even say it. What does the history of the NHL, let alone the Panthers look like if Jumbo Joe is in Sunrise and Roberto Luongo.

Luongo should get the nod Sunday barring something unforeseen like an injury or perhaps an injury prevention measure. He has turned aside 98 of the shots he has faced during his three-game win. If the pool of talent is shallow, the price for Luongo should be high. It should be, but it might not be, given his contract.

If Gillis is underwhelmed by the offers, Luongo might stay. The Hockey News ranked all 31 starting goalies for the upcoming season, and Jacob Markstrom of the Vancouver Canucks came in at 22nd. There was a time when the Vancouver Canucks owned two world class goalies in Cory Schneider and Roberto Luongo, but they were both traded in less than a calendar year.

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