Termite lab report

Ink leads way to terminating termites The tiny insects follow an inked trail to their doom Bethany Brookshire Jun 22, — 7: A teen used that as a way to lead them to their end. Inspired by the demonstration, a teen has invented a new method to more effectively lure termites to their doom.

Termite lab report

Hire Writer Our null hypothesis is that if a pathway is drawn with anything other than ink, the termite will Termite lab report be attracted to it and will not follow the path drawn. Methods Two circles were drawn directly across from each other on plain white paper.

One was drawn with a black Sharpie marker, and the other was drawn with a black ballpoint pen. Three separate termites were dropped directly in the middle of the two circles, and their reactions were recorded for sixty seconds. This was repeated once for each termite. Results The average time calculated for time spent on the pen outline was The average time spent on the Sharpie marker outline was 2.

The p- value was calculated to be 0. The standard deviation for the pen was found to be Error bars represent one standard deviation above and below the mean. Discussion The results of this experiment support the idea that termites are drawn to follow the pheromones released from the ink in ballpoint pens rather than paths drawn tit other writing utensils.

The data collected shows that the majority of the termites spent a majority of the timed sixty seconds tracing the outline of the pen as opposed to the outline of the Sharpie marker. The ink released from the Sharpie marker does not release the pheromones that termites are attracted to.

The main limitation of the experiment was that the termites were not in their natural environment; they were placed in the light.

Future experiments could be done in black paper or in the dark to see how termites would react when in their natural environment. How to cite this page Choose cite format:Ink leads way to terminating termites. The tiny insects follow an inked trail to their doom. Bethany Brookshire Cole reports.

With the lure of that ink, the teen successfully killed off three-quarters of his termites. Lab). termite An ant-like insect that lives in colonies, building nests underground, in trees or in human structures.

View Notes - bio lab report TERMITES from BIOL at University of South Carolina. Olivia Johnson Biology Lab Section Termite Lab Report September 9, Termites %(9). Sample Lab Report (Ms.

Jolibert) Purpose: To test whether termites will walk along the impression of a circle drawn on a piece of paper. Background: Learning about the behaviors of other organisms helps us to understand the things around us.

Lab 1 – the Scientific Method and Termite Trails Fall We know that termites are able to follow one another in the wild, despite being completely blind.

How are they able to do that? When you are done experimenting, return your termite in the Petri dish to the lab instructor. Lab Report Sheet. This termite lab report is a complete transcript of the episode Crush, Chop and Burn.

Termite lab report

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Report abuse. Transcript of Termite Lab. Termite Lab Observations Termite does not follow pencil Termite backs up and finds the pen trail when off course Termite follows shapes Termite acknowledges fresher lines of pen Termite does not consistently follow a pen line- gets bored.

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