Term paper on ibm

It also indicates whether each printer model is likely to work when printing from the IBM Power Systems. For information on printers from other manufacturers, please refer to the following documents:

Term paper on ibm

He helped turn the company around in the s, and Term paper on ibm credited with saving the company from financial failure. He also sits on several other boards and groups, and is a strong advocate for educational reform in the country. During his tenure at American Express, he helped increase card membership in the company, invented new advertising and recruitment techniques, and helped make the company more profitable than it had been in years.

When Gerstner joined IBM inthe company was on the verge of financial collapse. He managed to turn the company around, make it profitable, and empower employees during his time as CEO. Gerstner is a transformational leader, as his time in many of the companies he has headed clearly shows. At American Express, he changed the way the company did business, taking the company around the world, and adding women and young people to its market share.

In fact, he was hired to transform IBM into a profitable company again, but many of the ways he did it were far different from many people expected. First, Gerstner determined that IBM was in a cash crisis when he arrived on the job, and it was dangerously close to going under.

Another writer notes how Gerstner began to reorganize and change the company almost as soon as he arrived.

She writes, "Under his guidanceIBM cut billions in expenses partly through massive layoffs and raised cash by selling assets. Gerstner says that few people even understood how perilously close the firm was to running out of cash" DiCarlo, He also consolidated operations, and began a bold plan to re-tailor IBM's systems and software from the ground up to create "top-to-bottom technology solutions" DiCarlo, It is precisely that he did not conform to the old-school technological beliefs that he was able to put this plan into action, and it helped transform the company and build on his reputation as a transformational and forward thinking leader.

Another point that proves Gerstner is a transformational leader are his thoughts about many old-school corporations like IBM, who have been in business so long they may have lost touch with their products and consumers.

He says in an interview, "They're thinking how can we continue to do what we've done in the past without understanding that what made them successful is to take risks, to change and to adapt and to be responsive" DiCarlo, His entire tenure at IBM was involved in change, growth, and transformation, and that was the only way IBM was going to survive in an increasingly PC-dependent computing world.

In fact, he sees himself as a transformational leader, as well. He says, "Reorganization to me is shuffling boxes, moving boxes around.

Transformation means that you're really fundamentally changing the way the organization thinks, the way it responds, the way it leads.

Thus, transformational leadership most aptly describes Gerstner's leadership style. He seems like a charismatic and strong leader, but his style is much more transformational. It is also interesting to note that Gerstner at first baulked at taking the job, since he had no experience in the technology field.

However, he soon came to reflect the mission of the company extremely well, at least partly by redefining that mission.

Term paper on ibm

He found that the old IBM was somewhat smug in its operations, and had begun to take itself more seriously than it took its customers.

Internally, staff competed against other divisions rather than other corporations, and there was a general lack of teamwork and cooperation on all levels of the company.

Term paper on ibm

Gerstner changed that by altering the way employees were compensated. He tied their incentives to profits throughout the organization, rather than just their division, and then condensed all of IBM's advertising into one agency that would create a company-wide brand and mission, further unifying the employees under a common goal.

While he was not experienced in the field of technology, he was extremely experienced at transforming companies and altering their missions so they could become even more successful, and with IBM, he reflected the mission so well that his name has become synonymous with IBM's restructuring and eventual rebound into the technology marketplace.

As Gerstner became more familiar with the operations, he became even more an ambassador for the company's mission.

In an interview he says, "What I came to understand is that IBM has a pervasive impact on all forms of society; medical research, education, national security -- but not just U.Special reports, videos, podcasts, research, white papers & more resources about commercial banking & bank regulation in the U.S.

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The IBM Auto-Point Computer was designed in the portholed attic of Watson Lab at Columbia University by John Lentz between and as the Personal Automatic Computer (PAC) and announced by IBM as the Auto-Point in ¹.

The IBM was the first personal computer, in the sense that. IBM Punch Card Systems in the U.S. Army. by Charles M. Province. Background: In every profession, there are jobs that go unnoticed-jobs performed by unsung heroes who stand backstage while the stars receive the applause.

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