Sap business planning and consolidation for office client download

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Sap business planning and consolidation for office client download

Although the data you can view is governed by your security access, you can customize your reports in a fashion that suits your decision-making requirements. The application also allows you to load data yourself.

This has two benefits: First, it removes your dependence on the IT solutions team, and second, it allows you to load data at any time, which in turn provides more control.

SAP BPC supports the creation of business rules that dictate how data is transformed in the application. For example, you can set up business rules for performing currency conversions.

The application also provides out of the box functions for performing planning and consolidation. These functions can be used as-is or in combination with additional business rules to support specific application requirements.

Currency trans-lation is used in both planning and financial consolidation applications.

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The currency translation process allows business users to translate transactions to one or more reporting currencies. Intercompany elimination This is applicable for an organization that has entities that do business with each other.

A consolidated balance sheet of an organization shows transactions that relate to external companies. The transactions such as sales and COGS or receivables and payables that result from exchange of goods or services within the organization should not be counted.

In these cases, it is essential to eliminate the intercompany transactions. The intercompany eliminations process creates entries that eliminate intercompany transactions. Allocations Planning may take place at a high level, and you may later allocate the plan to lower levels.

For example, you may need to allocate planned expenses incurred by the corporate office to each of its divisions based on some ratio, perhaps allocating corporate expenses to divisions based on the planned revenues of each division.

Account transformation There are some scenarios where accounts are consolidated or transformed into another account, an activity that is used extensively in cash flow applications. Account transformation business rules are used to aggregate values posted to specific combinations of source Account, Flow, Category, and Data Source and post them to aggregated destination Account, Flow, Category, and Data Source.

Validations The validation rules functionality in SAP BPC is a check mechanism that enables an organization to ensure accuracy of data.

Automatic adjustments The automatic adjustments logic supports the process of generating a consolidated financial statement.


The automatic adjustment business rules are used for elimina-tion of intercompany transactions and for consolidation of investments SAP BPC allows you to view and store information in multiple languages.

It also includes a feature to augment collaboration by enabling you to enter comments about your data. This provides context information to the data making it more understandable and aids in decision-making.

For example, you can enter a comment to explain a reduction in overhead expenses from last year to the current year.

This is clearly a better solution than storing this information in a different location that may or may not be accessible to the user making the decision. Another feature of the application, Work Status, allows you to lock data so that it cannot be changed in the application.

Using this feature, you can define the range of data that can be modified or locked. For example, if a sales representative creates a sales plan and sends it to his manager for approval, during the approval time frame, the data can be locked from being changed.

The applica-tion allows you to send plan information to other people, even people who do not use the application. The recipient can then make modifications to the data, and the changes can be retracted back to the system.

Another important feature of this application is its easy-to-use programming inter-face, which allows you to create and execute logic that may be used for planning and consolidation.

For example, you can develop a script to perform revaluation of a plan by a certain percentage. The application lets you implement logic using a variety of methods to manage the data, and it lets you include logic than can be categorized into three broad areas.

Dimension logic You configure this via simple mathematic formulas.

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For example, you could set a formula in the application to subtract the cost of goods sold from the gross sales to obtain the gross profit.SAP Business Planning and Consolidation , version for Microsoft. SAP Business Planning and Consolidation , version for Microsoft. SAP Business Planning and Consolidation .

sap business planning and consolidation for office client download

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) entered ramp-up in December There’s a lot of interest in this new version and many clients on the verge of an implementation are wondering whether they ought to wait for the new version or not. SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation , version for SAP NetWeaver Product & Product Strategy Update Pages.

SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation , version for SAP NetWeaver Product & Product Strategy Update. Uploaded by. Mark Monge. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. SAP. BPC 10 - Complete - Video Training Online Course to pass your SAP Training and Certification exams.

BPC 10 - Complete - Video Training Online Course to pass your SAP Training and Certification exams EPM Client – Microsoft Office Excel. Create a Report; Create a Input Form; Comments. NW Consolidation. SAP Business Objects Planning and. SAP Business Intelligence Resume Samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume to help you get an interview.

Experience with SAP BPC (Business Planning & Consolidation) is a plus Download SAP Business Intelligence Resume Sample as Image file.

SAP BPC software can help automate your planning budgeting, forecasting and consolidation activities. In order to manage your company’s performance consistently, you need accurate, timely, financial and operational data to effectively plan, budget, forecast, analyze and report.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) Software