Introduction to tesol essay

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Introduction to tesol essay

Posted on 20 December by Alexandra Lowe Explaining to someone how to do something is a fundamental communicative skill in any language. If you are looking for ways to teach this skill to your ESL students, my favorite vehicle is the website Howcast.

Want to learn how to decorate Christmas sugar cookies? Give yourself a spa facial at home? Save money on gas for your car?

Howcast is your ticket. I usually start my introduction to Howcast by showing a Howcast video on something topical. I played the 2-minute video in class several times, then asked students to decide which of the featured cupcakes was their favorite and remind their partner how to make it, based on the step-by-step instructions they had just seen and heard.

Back in class, I put the students in small groups and asked them to tell their partners about their chosen Howcast video. Many of my students got deeply involved in the assignment, bringing into class the recipes they learned how to prepare, the cardboard frame they used to weave a friendship bracelet, and the table-top Christmas tree they had made from folded magazine pages—all based on the Howcast videos they had watched at home on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

I had them give their classmates step-by-step instructions that showcased their newfound skills. After they had shared their new knowledge with one set of classmates, I had them switch partners and teach a new partner what they had learned.

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Another option is for students to use their smart phones with the sound turned off to showcase and narrate their chosen Howcast video for their classmates in small groups. Weeks later, the lessons the students had learned from Howcast about how to provide a step-by-step explanation came to mind in an unforgettable way.

Introduction to tesol essay

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Introduction to tesol essay

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