Hoops book report

Hoops seems at first to be an action-packed sports novel but is soon revealed as a moral tale about choices and integrity. The main character in Hoops is seventeen-year-old Lonnie Jackson, who clings to a dream that he will become a professional basketball player. He is a senior in high school and is feeling tense about what his next steps in life will be.

Hoops book report

Chapters Summary The book starts of with a character named Lonnie Jackson. He lives with his mother, his father left them when Lonnie was young.

Hoops book report

Lonnie has an okay relationship with him mother. They get into fights often however. Lonnie works at a small hotel known as the Grant.

He usually sleeps here. The next day Lonnie goes over to one of his friends house Paul. Paul has a sister Mary-Ann who Lonnie likes. Mary-Ann works at a club. Paul is not home however Lonnie has a discussion with Mary-Ann about how Paul has been acting kind of weird.

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Eventually Lonnie finds out about a basketball tournament that is happening. He learns that there are college scouts there looking for people to draft. Lonnie finds this as a perfect opportunity to play pro ball.

He gets his team together at a gym and they wait for their new coach. There new coach arrives and it turns out to be a much older man named Cal.

Lonnie reconizes Cal, he found him drunk on a basketball court when he was playing one day. Lonnie tells the team he does not want to play for a drinker. Cal says that if Lonnie can beat him one on one he will not coach.

If he wins he will coach. At first Lonnie thinks this is a joke because he is the best player on the team. The play and it ends in Cal winning after Lonnie does not try that hard. After this happens Lonnie constantly refuses to play or show up to practices.

However Cal tells him that he must play. Cal decides to tell Lonnie that a famous basketball player will show up. The practice starts and Cal teaches everyone somewhat basic moves.

Lonnie decides that he was not going to practice by not bringing any sneakers to play in.

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Instead he just watches. Everyone is waiting for someone to arrive but it looks as though Cal lied to them. Cal tells everyone to gather around.

He tells everyone they must bring in fourteen dollars for uniforms. As he is telling them this a man comes in. Ox one of Lonnie's team members instantly reconizes the man as Sweet Man Johnson, a famous pro player.

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Lonnie feels embarrassed and stupid that he did not wear sneakers or listen to Cal. After the practice ends Sweet Man Johnson asks everyone if they want to go out to eat. Everyone agrees including Lonnie. Johnson, Lonnie and Cal have a discussion about they way Lonnie plays and bad things that could happen to him if he makes a wrong decision.

The next week and a half the team practiced hard. Cal said that he believed they were ready for their first game. Cal also mentioned that the uniforms would come in time for their first game. The day of the game it turns out that Cal does not show up for the beginning of the game.

The team does not play well and loses.Jan 26,  · Read Common Sense Media's Hoops review, age rating, and parents guide. Report this review. Add your rating See all 1 parent review. Teen, age 13+ good for teens. this book is good for kids 13 and up cuz they get to know th real world a lil.

Report this review. Teen, 13 years old Written bykeaira April 9, not rated for age.4/4. The book “Hoops” by Walter Dean Myers was unlike any other book I have ever read. It was about a teenager named Lonnie who is in high school. Lonnie is trying to make it big in his favorite sport 4/5(5).

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Book report By: TAj jenkins author: Carl deuker Night hoops The Title relates to the book in the way that nick the main character and Trent Dawson practice at night. How the book relates to the title Nick is the main character he loves basketball, his favorite team is the Seatle super sonics. His goal for this year is to make the varsity.

In Hoops, Myers makes the game of basketball symbolize the game of life. Basketball was one of Myers’s passions; it was an escape from the frustrations of school, a time to bond with other kids. I cant finish the book itss sooooooooo boring ineed to do a Five artifact project about it does anyone have any ideal artifacts for this book.??

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