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Thursday, December 20, Answers to 8 hard questions about education in America I was recently asked 8 questions about education for The Daily Journalist.

From education questions

How do teachers and schools identify students with special education needs? How should parents and teachers identify special education students? The best way to identify a child with special education needs is for parents, teachers, physicians and other professionals to collaborate.

Parents who suspect their child may have a learning disability should: Why is early identification of special education students so important? Studies have found that after about age 7 it is difficult to bring children with disabilities that affect learning up to grade-level performance.

Students with mild to severe physical and mental disabilities have varying degrees of special needs that require teachers to focus on building consistent classroom environments with paced instruction, individualized lesson planning, and behavior management.

The sooner students with special needs are given these considerations, the quicker they can assimilate into regular classrooms and begin learning at their grade level.

Students with special needs who do not receive early intervention drop out of high school at disproportionately higher rates than nondisabled students. Some estimates place the dropout rate for disabled students as high as twice that of other students, which ultimately costs society far more than it does to educate them properly.

What role should doctors play in identifying special education students? Family physicians play an important role in helping to identify infants and young children with physical and cognitive disabilities. However, it is the responsibility of parents and teachers to determine if a child has a learning disability that requires special education.

Federal laws are intended to make it easier for parents and teachers to identify special education students and to help those children receive a free appropriate public education. What can parents and teachers do if they think a child has been misidentified as a special education student?

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The law protects children from being misidentified as special education students by requiring schools to use procedures that safeguard against misclassifying disabled students.

This is particularly important for students identified as having mild or moderate learning disabilities. Parents who believe their child has been misclassified are entitled to request, at no cost, a formal meeting to discuss their concerns with the teacher, school principal and special education staff.

What laws govern special education students in public schools? What are public schools required to provide special education students? Federal laws require schools that receive public funds to provide disabled students greater access to education in the least-restrictive environment possible.

This means schools are required to provide students who have physical, cognitive and learning disabilities with an education that is comparable to nondisabled students. Section of the Rehabilitation Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act IDEA stipulate that K public schools give students with disabilities opportunities to learn in regular classrooms alongside nondisabled students to the fullest extent possible.

Section states that excluding or segregating persons with disabilities is considered discrimination. Why is DOE vs.Education Questions and Answers CMI believes that it is important for parents to be involved in their children’s education, regardless of whether they choose home-school, Christian school, or government school.

From education questions

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Does standardized testing predict student success? This is one of the larger existential crises facing the American education system today, but it’s by no means a new problem. Special education definitions, questions & answers about inclusive classrooms, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and learning disabilities.

Education []. What is the purpose of children's education? Put these in order of importance. To give children skills. To teach children facts.

How are inclusive learning environments defined?

To indoctrinate children in the moral/religious values of the society in which they live. Unformatted text preview: Multiple—Choice Questions Education (p. ) RALPH WALDO EMERSON Ilia following questions refer to paragraphs 3—5.

What does paragraph 3 imply about the speaker’s beliefs regarding nature?, an Nature is a force that may lead humans into folly.

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