Florida bar journal writing award

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Florida bar journal writing award

November, Volume 79, No. Black Page 64 In Wade v. The Gibbs Test The facts in Gibbs were as follows. The final judgment designated the mother as the custodial parent and the father received liberal visitation rights.

Additionally, the father claimed that the child expressed an interest to be with him and to be active in sports. In Gibbs, the Second District enunciated a test the trial courts must apply in considering a petition for change of custody. Second, the petitioner must establish that the change of circumstances was of such a magnitude that it would be detrimental for the child to remain with the custodial parent.

The case involved a divorce in which the former wife was awarded primary residential responsibility of the couples' three minor children. While a new home was being constructed in Park City, however, the former husband had a change of heart and petitioned the court to block the move.

The trial court entered an order changing primary residential custody of two of the three children, the two boys, to the former florida bar journal writing award and allowing the former wife to move to Park City with the minor daughter.

florida bar journal writing award

On appeal, the Third District reversed in part ordering that the minor boys be given back to the former wife as primary custodian. Factual Background in Wade As the Wade court pointed out, a trial court determines the initial custody of children in dissolution of marriage proceedings pursuant to the guidelines set forth in F.

In Wade, the parties were divorced in Octoberand entered into a rotating custody arrangement. Wade, the mother and former wife, petitioned for a modification of the custody arrangement, seeking primary residential responsibility. The father, Michael D. Hirschman, also sought primary residential responsibility.

The trial court ruled that the rotating custody plan had failed; that there had been substantial and material changes in circumstances since the entry of the final judgment, and that the rotating custody agreement was no longer in the best interests of the child.

The Florida Supreme Court accepted the case in order to resolve the conflict. In Wade, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that not only should the Cooper test be applied when addressing motions to modify rotating custody arrangements, but should be applied to all custody arrangements.

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Substantial Change Test The substantial change test approved by the Wade court is as follows: The movant seeking modification of custody must show both that the circumstances have substantially, materially changed since the original custody determination and that the child's best interests justify changing custody.

Furthermore, the substantial change must be one that was not reasonably contemplated at the time of the original judgment.

After reviewing the factual and procedural history, the Florida Supreme Court noted that a final divorce decree is res judicata of the facts and circumstances at the time the judgment became final, and further noted that there is a presumption in favor of the reasonableness of the original decree.

The Wade court then summarized the state of the statutory and common law. It noted that the Second District explained in Gibbs, that to meet the second prong of the substantial change test, the trial court must find that a change in custody will so clearly promote or improve the child's well-being that any reasonable parent would understand that maintaining the status quo would be detrimental to the child's overall best interest.

The detriment-to-the-child standard obviously conflicts with Florida's shared parenting law Moreover, it appears to turn the best interests standard on its head. The court concluded that although the trial court applied the wrong test, it correctly awarded the father primary residential responsibility with shared parental responsibility.

Consequently, the court quashed the decision of the Fifth District Court of Appeal and directed the Fifth District to enter an order affirming the trial court's order. Open Questions After Wade The precise issue before the Wade court was which test courts should use in proceedings to modify rotating custody agreements.

However, it appears that the court wanted to make a broader statement. However, those seeking a modification under Wade will argue the broad language of the opinion.

Nevertheless, the Wade opinion will inevitability result in an increase in the filing of modification proceedings because of the lowered proof requirements.


From toJudge Black practiced law and was board certified in civil trial. In Mayhe was appointed to the circuit court. Cestero, chair, and Charles Fox Miller, editor."Fifty Tips for Writing the 21st Century Contract That Stays Out of Court", ALI-ABA Practical Real Estate Lawyer & Florida Bar Journal (Nov ), The Florida Bar Journal Barbara Sanders Memorial Writing Competition Award, ALI-ABA's Practice Checklist Manual for Drafting Leases IV, June Work Location: 4th Street North, St.

Petersburg, , FL. Vanishing Precedent: Settlement Vacatur on Appeal, 69 Florida Bar Journal 18 (November ) (lead article & Sanders Award).

Local Government, Privatization, and Antitrust Immunity, 68 Florida Bar Journal 38 (April ). The Florida Bar Foundation awarded Young the Medal of Honor and the President's Award of Merit in Young received the First Professionalism Award from the First Family Law American Inn of Court in and the Anti-Defamation League's Torch of Liberty Award in ‘To inculcate in its members the principles of duty and service to the public, to improve the administration of justice, and to advance the science of jurisprudence.’.

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The award-winning article was published in the February Florida Bar Journal. The article discusses whether a forum-selection clause that mandates venue in a county with no “brick and mortar” federal courthouse precludes access to federal court.

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