Environmental factors in the classroom essay

Many of these are triggered through human actions ,but some can be caused by non human actions such as environmental factors.

Environmental factors in the classroom essay

Definitions[ edit ] Environmentalism denotes a social movement that seeks to influence the political process by lobbying, activism, and education in order to protect natural resources and ecosystems. An environmentalist is a person who may speak out about our natural environment and the sustainable management of its resources through changes in public policy or individual behavior.

This may include supporting practices such as informed consumption, conservation initiatives, investment in renewable resourcesimproved efficiencies in the materials economy, transitioning to new accounting paradigms such as Ecological economicsrenewing and revitalizing our connections with non-human life or even opting to have one less child to reduce consumption and pressure on resources.

In various ways for example, grassroots activism and protestsenvironmentalists and environmental organizations seek to give the natural world a stronger voice in human affairs.

In its recognition of humanity as a participant in ecosystems, the movement is centered around ecologyhealthand human rights. Conservation movement and Timeline of history of environmentalism Lord Mahavirathe last Jain Tirthankar is also considered to be a great environmentalist.

The earliest ideas of environment protectionism can be traced in Jainismwhich was revived by Mahavira in 6th century BC in ancient India. Jainism offers a view that may seem readily compatible with core values associated with environmental activism, i.

Earlier in the Middle Eastthe Caliph Abu Bakr in the s commanded his army to "Bring no harm to the trees, nor burn them with fire," and "Slay not any of the enemy's flock, save for your food.

Environmental Health: Health or Environment?

Their works covered a number of subjects related to pollution, such as air pollution, water pollutionsoil contaminationmunicipal solid waste mishandling, and environmental impact assessments of certain localities. At the advent of steam and electricity the muse of history holds her nose and shuts her eyes H.

Environmental factors in the classroom essay

The emergence of great factories and the concomitant immense growth in coal consumption gave rise to an unprecedented level of air pollution in industrial centers; after the large volume of industrial chemical discharges added to the growing load of untreated human waste.

An Alkali inspector and four sub-inspectors were appointed to curb this pollution. The responsibilities of the inspectorate were gradually expanded, culminating in the Alkali Order which placed all major heavy industries that emitted smokegrit, dust and fumes under supervision.

In industrial cities local experts and reformers, especially aftertook the lead in identifying environmental degradation and pollution, and initiating grass-roots movements to demand and achieve reforms. It was founded by artist Sir William Blake Richmondfrustrated with the pall cast by coal smoke.

Although there were earlier pieces of legislation, the Public Health Act required all furnaces and fireplaces to consume their own smoke. It also provided for sanctions against factories that emitted large amounts of black smoke.

The provisions of this law were extended in with the Smoke Abatement Act to include other emissions, such as soot, ash and gritty particles and to empower local authorities to impose their own regulations.

During the Spanish Revolutionanarchist controlled territories undertook several environmental reforms which were possibly the largest in the world at the time.

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Daniel Guerin notes that anarchist territories would diversify crops, extend irrigationinitiate reforestationstart tree nurseries and helped establish nudist colonies. Financial incentives were offered to householders to replace open coal fires with alternatives such as installing gas firesor for those who preferred, to burn coke instead a byproduct of town gas production which produces minimal smoke.

The act formed an important impetus to modern environmentalism, and caused a rethinking of the dangers of environmental degradation to people's quality of life. The zoologist Alfred Newton published a series of investigations into the Desirability of establishing a 'Close-time' for the preservation of indigenous animals between and His advocacy for legislation to protect animals from hunting during the mating season led to the formation of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and influenced the passage of the Sea Birds Preservation Act in as the first nature protection law in the world.

The poet William Wordsworth travelled extensively in the Lake District and wrote that it is a "sort of national property in which every man has a right and interest who has an eye to perceive and a heart to enjoy". Systematic efforts on behalf of the environment only began in the late 19th century; it grew out of the amenity movement in Britain in the s, which was a reaction to industrializationthe growth of cities, and worsening air and water pollution.

Starting with the formation of the Commons Preservation Society inthe movement championed rural preservation against the encroachments of industrialisation. Robert Huntersolicitor for the society, worked with Hardwicke RawnsleyOctavia Hilland John Ruskin to lead a successful campaign to prevent the construction of railways to carry slate from the quarries, which would have ruined the unspoilt valleys of Newlands and Ennerdale.How do cultures develop?

How does the environment influence culture? In this lesson, we'll examine some of the historical and contemporary approaches to those questions, including environmental. Education and parenting articles offer expert tips and information on raising kids. Read educational articles, parenting articles, & more.

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