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His legacy includes several thousand carefully composed, superbly printed photographs, which have influenced photographers around the world. Photographing natural landscapes and forms such as artichoke, shells, and rocks, using large-format cameras and available light. Weston's sensuously precise images rise to the level of poetry.

Edward weston

Life and work[ edit ] — His mother died when he was five years old and he was raised mostly by his sister Mary, whom he called "May" or "Mazie".

She was nine years older than he, and they developed a very close bond that was one of the few steady relationships in Weston's life.

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After May was married and left their home Edward westonWeston's father devoted most of his time to his new Edward weston and her son. Weston was left on his own much of the time; he stopped going to school and withdrew into his own room in their large home.

Edward weston

He began photographing in Chicago parks and a farm owned by his aunt, and developed his own film and prints. Later he would remember that even at that early age his work showed strong artistic merit. He earned a living by taking a job at a local department store, but he continued to spend most of his free time taking photos, Within two years he felt confident enough of his photography that he submitted his work to the magazine Camera and Darkroom, and in the April issue they published a full-page reproduction of his picture Spring, Chicago.

This is the first known publication of any of his photographs. Becoming a photographer[ edit ] At the urging of his sister, Weston left Chicago in the spring of and moved near May's home in Tropico, California now a neighborhood in Glendale.

He decided to stay there and pursue a career in photography, but he soon realized he needed more professional training. A year later he moved to Effingham, Illinoisin order to enroll in the Illinois College of Photography.

They taught a nine-month course, but Weston finished all of the class work in six months. The school refused to give him a diploma unless he paid for the full nine months; Weston refused and instead moved back to California in the spring of He briefly worked at the photography studio of George Steckel in Los Angeles, as a negative retoucher.

Within a few months he moved to the more established studio of Louis Mojonier.

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For the next several years he learned the techniques and business of operating a photography studio under Mojonier's direction. Within days of his visit to Tropico, Weston was introduced to his sister's best friend, Flora May Chandler.

She assumed the position of a grade-school teacher in Tropico. She was seven years older than Weston and a distant relative of Harry Chandlerwho at that time was described as the head of "the single most powerful family in Southern California.

This fact did not go unnoticed by Weston and his biographers. On January 30,Weston and Chandler married in a simple ceremony. The first of their four sons, Edward Chandler Weston —known as Chandler, was born on April 26, Edward Weston (May 9, – August 20, ) was an English-born American chemist noted for his achievements in electroplating and his development of the electrochemical cell, named the Weston cell, for the voltage standard.

Weston was a competitor of Thomas Edison in the early days of electricity generation and distribution. Welcome to the Edward Weston/Cole Weston family website. Edward Weston has been dubbed the Most Influential American Photographer of the Twentieth Century.

There are vintage prints by Edward Weston currently on show at the City Art Centre in Edinburgh. A smaller show consisting of just 37 prints made by his son from Weston's original negatives. Find great deals on eBay for edward weston.

Edward weston

Shop with confidence. Childhood and Education. The son of an obstetrician and his pragmatic wife, Edward Henry Weston was born on March 24, in Highland Park, ashio-midori.comality: American. In the spring of , the twenty-year old Weston visited Tropico (now Glendale), California to see his sister for two months and decided to establish himself in .

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