Curriculum and syllabus design

Pinterest When I visit forums or other areas online where dance teachers congregate, I find many questions regarding how to plan lessons and design curriculum.

Curriculum and syllabus design

Cambridge curriculum books are used for the core subjectsEnglish, Mathematics and science. Learners from Grade 3 and 4 visit the Extension Reading Library from where they are encouraged to take home readers appropriate to their reading age and parents are expected to take part actively in this programme.

Interactive Boards have also been installed for enhanced learning. The teachers have been encouraged to use the Media Centre and other innovative teaching approaches to make lessons interesting.

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Reinforcement of class work is given in the form of workbooks and homework sheets in which pupils do their work and compile in file form. Assembly is held once a week every Tuesday.

Physical education is handled by PE teachers. The morning session has a break period from Continuous Assessment and weekly tests: Monthly evaluation tests are given and a formal examination is held in the last week of all the terms.

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Term Reports are made available at the end of term, but interim reports are also given for the upper primary in the homework diaries. Extra-curricular activities in the form of organised games, clubs or remedial lessons are held once a week in the afternoon for those pupils not attending the religious classes at Madressa.

It provides for double streams in sections from Grades 8 to Secondary classes start at There is a tea-break from Afternoon classes resume from Muslim pupils do Islamiyaat education, while their non-muslim counterparts, during these periods, are doing Art or Literature which are not taken by the Muslim pupils.

There are two separate libraries for boys and girls respectively.

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All text books are provided to the pupils from the school free of cost returnable at the end of an academic year. Commencement of Grade 8 and 10 begins immediately from the beginning of the school year with enrollment being given provisionally, based on respective check point results.

Curriculum and syllabus design

Promotion to Grade 8 and 10 is determined on the basis of the school check point exams that are held at end of the term 3 in grades 7 and 9 respectively on which a cut-off point is applied. It is compulsory to pass in this subject.Senior School Curriculum (Vocational) Senior School Curriculum Hindi Version (Vol 1) - Part 1: Senior School Curriculum Hindi Version (Vol 1) - Part 2.

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"Ron White approaches ELT curriculum issues by making the case thathowever desirable curriculum renewal/change within the financialand administrative constraints of existing educational systemsmight be, the reality is frequently problematic.

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Curriculum and syllabus design

What Schools and Teachers say Just to let you know that following our regional prize for "What Makes The Earth Angry?" (part of the Learning Challenge Curriculum), we won the UK National title for the Total Green School Awards.

Events: Student exchange programme at the University of Plymouth, UK - CIA Student exchange programme at the University of Bern, Switzerland - CIA.

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