Compassion fatigue in pediatric oncology nurses essay

Posted by Aureus Medical Group Being a travel nurse means providing an immense amount of care and compassion, which can sometimes take an emotional and physical toll on people in the field. Within the industry, this phenomenon is typically called "compassion fatigue. When combined with the severity of the situations that most healthcare professionals encounter on a daily basis, it is not hard for travel nurses to feel like the care they are giving is coming at the expense of their own well-being. Travel nurses aren't the only ones affected by this condition — physicians, EMTs and surgeons also often report feeling "burned out" or "exhausted" by the amount of care and medical attention they must provide, the source reports.

Compassion fatigue in pediatric oncology nurses essay

Some of these are problems common to all nurses, such as the stress of working in health care or the risk of contracting an infectious disease. Others are specific to pediatrics, such as the death of a child. Pediatric nurses may work in general or specialized pediatric units, pediatric intensive care or outpatient pediatrics.

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Education and Experience One of the first problems a pediatric nurse may face is a dearth of education and clinical expertise in the field.

Many nursing programs offer limited didactic information in pediatrics compared to adult nursing or specialties such as surgery, according to a article on the Nurse Zone website. Clinical experience may also be limited in some programs, according to the article.

At the same time, pediatric nursing -- like nursing in general -- has become increasingly complex and the patients who are hospitalized tend to be sicker.

Education and Experience

An inexperienced nurse may find working in pediatrics difficult for all of these reasons. When Children Die Some specialty areas or kinds of patients may be more difficult for pediatric nurses than others, such as pediatric oncology -- the care of children with cancer. Oncology is one area where pediatric nurses must deal with the death of children on a regular basis.

Parental Stress When a child is ill, parents are often stressed. The person who is most likely to deal with stressed parents day after day is the pediatric nurse.

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Inflicting Pain Inflicting pain on a child may be one of the most difficult tasks a pediatric nurse faces. Many procedures, especially in critical care units, can be frightening or painful for a child and stressful for parents.


The pediatric nurse might need to restrain a child during a painful procedure or actually perform a painful procedure such as a dressing change. Even in an outpatient setting, care such as immunizations are often traumatizing to children.

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The pediatric nurse must be able to deal with causing pain in these situations in order to help the child.Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Click Go. Your browser will take you to a Web page (URL) associated with that DOI name. Send questions or comments to doi.

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Oncology is one area where pediatric nurses must deal with the death of children on a regular basis.

Compassion fatigue in pediatric oncology nurses essay

An article in the November-December issue of the “Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing” notes that pediatric oncology nurses suffer from stress in the work environment and may burn out or suffer from compassion fatigue.

(Refer to the PDQ summaries on Fatigue and Sleep Disorders for more information about fatigue and sleep problems in cancer patients.) Nausea, vomiting, anorexia, and cachexia have been reported in 10% to 40% of patients. Aug 19,  · Compassion fatigue in nurses has clear implications for nursing retention and the quality of care.

Organizations willing to invest in reducing compassion fatigue have the potential to improve financial savings by reducing turnover and adverse events associated with burnout.

Understanding the causes and effects of compassion fatigue