Analiz teksta how we kept mother

The journal supports interdisciplinary studies in the humanities and social sciences. Abovyan, Yerevan, Armenia Prof. Bauman, Moscow, Russia Prof.

Analiz teksta how we kept mother

Kulturni obtok in knjiga: Cultural Circulation and the Book: Circulation in Premodern World Literature: Book History without Books 79 ragos Jipa: The Literary Canon in the Publishing Apparatus: Escherjevska pripoved o pripovedi Tanja Dominko: Tvorijo spominski arhiv dane kulture in ji obenem odpirajo virtualna okna v svet.

Knjiga in literatura sta torej s svojo ekonomijo posrednici kulturnih prostorov: Books are not only physical conveyers of texts, but also artifacts and symbols with their own history, value, and semantic codes.

Together with the imprinted fictional worlds of literature, they are the vehicles of an interactive development of cultural identities. Books constitute a memory archive of a given culture and are at the same time its virtual windows on the world.

Therefore, books are essential for creative thinking, which enables a specific cultural space to actually reinterpret, evolve, and test possible futures.

Analiz teksta how we kept mother the times of prehistoric civilizations, the cultural transfer of manuscripts and books has constantly crossed linguistic, ethnic, geographical, national, and political borders. Book circulation, systematic library collecting and catalogues, analyses, comments, and creative reflections all shaped the history of ideas and literature.

The symbolic and market exchange of literary representations and their transfer into localized geo-cultural codes revived the traditions of individual peoples and nations.

Analiz teksta how we kept mother

Thus ever-changing regional, transnational, and inter-civilization networks were established, which allowed the expansion of literary ideas, mental spaces, textual structures, and institutional concepts and practices.

Because of their economy, the book and literature are agents of cultural spaces; they materially and mentally create internal coherence and continuity as well as external, transnational integration.

It appears that even today this role of literature is still being fulfilled as the book and library experience profound changes to their forms of existence and the economic logic of their social function due to the advent of digital and electronic media.

It modifies genre characteristics, style profiles, or cultural and spatial authenticity, and is one of those factors that balance the literary tradition and the development and relations between authors and audiences together with the corresponding mediatory institutions.

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As a subject of collection, processing, systematization, and physical and mental transfers, the book is also an element that has established connections between local or national literatures; it has revived their repertoires and encouraged reconstruction of local value systems with constant inputs of otherness.

All this has led to the development of extensive regional and world systems of literary circulation. The international conference took place in November in Ljubljana and was called The Book: An Economy of Cultural Spaces. The ambition was to cover a relatively wide timeframe from the last centuries of the manuscript era and the beginnings of the Gutenberg epoch to the modern reading technologies of the twenty-first century and a large territorial area from the Iberian Peninsula to Estonia and from the Balkans and Central Europe to Great Britain ; and to feature large global book markets as well as small, distinctly specific literary cultures; last but not least, our wish was to include empirically supported research on book history as well as quality theoretical and methodological considerations.

The articles submitted suggested a variety of possible classifications, but in the end the chronological principle was chosen: The Book and the Economy of Cultural Spaces the age of manuscripts and ends with uncertain projections indicated by the incredible pace of changes in the first decade of the third millennium.

This process is characteristic of the time when the first critical editions of collected works appeared, both in Slovenia and abroad.

Analiz teksta how we kept mother

The inevitability of the redefinition of the book concept is one of the main themes of the discussion in the last few articles. They mostly discuss the transformations of the book as a medium and the future of reading literature—and of reading in general.

The concluding article was written by Anna Notaro. Special emphasis is placed on wireless connectivity, which may yet play an important role in the transformational process of the mediatory sector and the transformation of relations between authors and readers.

In this sense, humanist studies, especially comparative literary studies, which has always been attached to the book, book culture, and its reflection, cannot just stand by; it is obliged to confront these problems, consider them, and enter into an active dialogue with the processes taking place at the present time.

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