A2 media studies coursework 2013

The program also allowed us to speed up or slow down any footage we wanted to, which really helped when we worked on lip syncing the piece. Using it in a pair was a lot simpler than we first thought, because we were able to both view the footage. As I was more experienced with the software, I did a lot of the actual editing, with input from my partner.

A2 media studies coursework 2013

Media Studies A2 Coursework!

A2 media studies coursework 2013

Tuesday, 19 February 4 How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Throughout the entire Research and Planning, Production and Evaluation, the main technology used has been the blog.

It is also much more simple and easier to navigate. This has also been used in conjunction with social-networking using www.

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This has been an attempt to broaden the viewers of my blog to get a wider range of audience and the feedback.

Social networks have been utilised throughout the course of the research, planning, production and evaluation to obtain feedback and to improve the overall look of the coursework pieces.

Afterwards, in the post-production stages, a mac was used in conjunction with editing software, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro to edit the ancillary products and music video respectively.

This was repeated on each of the images on the digipak and poster. This was used to continue the representation of the enigma or introvert characteristics of the performers.

Here's an example on how I applied the equaliser to my music track, placing a variation on the classic "V" equaliser associated with most rock artists to bring out the bass and treble of the track, while "scooping" the middle tone to allow the vocals to cut through the mix, differentiating from the other parts of the song not sounding "muddy" - too much middle tone - or "tinny", with too much high end.

Below are several different examples of the tools I have used in my video to edit. For fades I have used the pen tool to create a change in opacity seen to the right which appears as a basic fade out once completed.


On the right shows an example of the radial wipe and how I've used keyframes and feathering to achieve the clock wipe similar to that seen in the Star Wars franchise which creates the effect of the passage of time but also further establishes the intertextuality present in the video.

This was used to further establish the idea of the brand identity, albeit leaving the identity a mystery, which by association created a "culture" that the persona and the band revolve themselves around. These next screenshots explain the different ways in which I have removed, replaced or altered the colour of the music video with the top most picture showing the black and white, comic-strip effect, akin to silent film and the second picture showing how I have used basic chroma key, replacing the green-shirt green screen to red or blue dependant on which chorus it is in the song.

This last, final image represents how I've touched up certain colours to compensate for any poor lighting that was present when filming. The colour was often used as a way to right what was wrong when filming or to create a unrealistic setting for the characters world.

This, along with the idea of the enigma code, was my preferred meaning. Posted by Unknown at.Media Studies A2 Coursework!

Tuesday, 19 February 4) How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Throughout the entire Research and Planning, Production and Evaluation, the main technology used has been the blog. Mar 28,  · A music video made for my A2 Media Coursework to the song Paradise(cover) by Modestep. A2 Media studies coursework Monday, 15 April Evaluation-Audience.

Undoubtedly the most crucial concept with the production of any media text is it's success in relation to the audience. I gathered feedback from several volounteres after viewing all three of my media texts, mainly using post it notes.

Thursday, 11 April The second documentary poster I decided to analyse was for ‘Life Is But a Dream’ ().

A2 media studies coursework 2013

‘Life Is But a Dream’ (LIBAD) is a feature length documentary that follows the the life of R&B and pop star, Beyoncé. A2 Media Studies Coursework Blog .

A2 Media Studies Coursework Blog. Katie Nicholls CONSTRUCTION: Shooting The Piece January 2, Our piece was shot over two days, the 29th December and the 31st December This was mainly due to bad conditions within the weather that meant we had to reshoot some footage, but also allowed us to evaluate the first lot of footage.

Mar 09,  · This is also down to the expanding accessibility rate consumers have to watch videos because of the rise in social media, the act of sharing (on Facebook and Twitter) and new technological programmers available to the average consumer.

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