A question of the marijuanas danger to the physical health

Cannabidivarin Cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors[ edit ] The most prevalent psychoactive substances in cannabis are cannabinoidsmost notably THC. How these other compounds interact with THC is not fully understood.

A question of the marijuanas danger to the physical health

This impact should be known so that expectant mothers can make informed choices about how to treat their morning sickness and ultimately care for the future of their children. This can result in permanent damage and compromise the development of future cognitive abilities 1.

The percentages of pregnant moms using pot seems smallish, but the numbers have nearly doubled since legalization and commercialization. And that with more potent pot on the market.

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The comparison with alcohol still irks. Fetal alcohol syndrome is a more universally understood risk. These are two completely different chemical exposures.

With a beer or a glass of wine the water soluble alcohol is metabolized and excreted from the body in 24 hours.

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With cannabis, THC not only crosses placenta, but it is fat soluble and persists in the fatty tissues and breast milk for weeks or months—much more health education needed here.

Colorado hospitals have THC-positive babies needing extra care now in there maternity wards nearly every day now. Marijuana investors and businesses would be wise to begin to accrue a legal liability fund.

It is only a matter of time for evidence and public health policy to catch up, as it did with the tobacco industry and spurn lawsuits to reoup the costs caused by the downstream effects of THC normalization.Jan 12,  · Marijuana's Health Effects Scrutinized By Top Scientists: Shots - Health News The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine sorted through 10, studies to determine the good and.

A question of the marijuanas danger to the physical health

The most heated arguments over medical marijuana do not concern its ability to alleviate patients' symptoms but rather its potential danger to individual users and to society. This chapter first examines the scientific evidence that marijuana causes physical and psychological injury to individual.

6 The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Health and Medicine Division, Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice, Committee on the Health Effects of Marijuana: An Evidence Review and Research Agenda.

The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: The Current State of Evidence and Recommendations for Research. Transcript of MARIJUANA'S EFFECT ON SOCIETY.

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Today we will be looking at how marijuana effects a users mental, and physical health, along with how marijuana effects the crime/accidents in society. This damage usually results in lung cancer, asthma or emphysema. Accidents and Marijuana Many individuals question if marijuana was .

Plus, the longer anyone uses the drug, the more dangerous it becomes for their mental and physical health. Are the Risks Worth the Changes? When you take a look at all the potential dangers that come along with marijuana use, most would likely reach the conclusion that full legalization would not be worth the inevitable risks.

This is too big of a question to answer in just one single article, but looking at cannabis through the lens of its medical properties, there seem to be few, if any, reasons to keep marijuana off.

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