A comparison of the color purple mans search for meaning and rabbit run

Plot summary[ edit ] Celie is a poor, uneducated year-old girl living in the American South in the early s. She writes letters to God because her stepfather, Alphonso, beats her harshly and rapes her continuously. Alphonso has already impregnated Celie once, a pregnancy that resulted in the birth of a boy she named Adam.

A comparison of the color purple mans search for meaning and rabbit run

God and Spirituality Themes and Colors LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Color Purple, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

Dear stars, dear trees, dear sky, dear peoples. Celie believes herself to be ugly in part because of her very dark skin. Sofia, after fighting back against the genteel racism of the mayor and his wife, ends up serving as maid to that family, and as surrogate mother to Eleanor, who does not initially recognize the sacrifices Sofia has… Men, Women, and Gender Roles The novel is also an extended meditation on the nature of men, women, and their expected gender roles.

In the beginning, Celie is expected to serve her abusive father, and, later, her husband Mr. But Nettie sacrifices the job generally reserved for women—motherhood—in order to educate herself and work for Samuel and Corrine during their missionary labors in Africa.

Violence and Suffering Violence and suffering in The Color Purple are typically depicted as part of a greater cycle of tragedy taking place both on the family level and on a broader social scale.

Celie is raped by her stepfather and beaten for many years by her husband, only to have Shug Avery intervene on her behalf. Sofia is nearly beaten to death by white police officers after pushing a white family; she nearly dies in prison… Self-Discovery The novel is, ultimately, a journey of self-discovery for Celie, and for other characters.

Celie begins the novel as a passive, quiet young girl, perplexed by her own pregnancy, by her rape at the hands of Pa, and her ill-treatment by Mr.

Slowly, after meeting Shug and seeing her sister run away, Celie develops practical skills: Retrieved September 27, Alice Walker walked through the fire to give us The Color Purple.

Essence magazine is said to have refused to run an excerpt, and Ishmael Reed led the charge to brand her as a man-hater. Literary discussions inspired by the novel often devolved into shouting matches, split along gender lines.

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A comparison of the color purple mans search for meaning and rabbit run

Lit. Guides. Lit. Terms. Shakespeare. Translations. LitCharts: an old white man in a long beard, after meeting Shug and seeing her sister run away.

The Color Purple by Alice Walker is the story of a black woman named Cellie whose life is chronicled by letters she writes to God and her sister. Through out her life, Cellie is subjected to awful things, interesting people, joy and pain, and peace towards the end.

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